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Low Voltage Dry Type Transformers: Isolation Transformers
Medical Transformers Low Voltage Reactors: Harmonic Filter Reactors
Line Reactors Power Factor Correction Solutions: LV Capacitors
Thyristor Modules
Harmonic Solutions:
Sine Filters
Passive Harmonic Filters
Active Harmonic Filters
Medium Voltage Harmonic Filter Reactors


Our company, ELEKTRA Electronics is manufacturer of dry type transformers, reactors and active, passive harmonic filters in Istanbul/Turkey. In the Turkish Electronic Industry our company have been recognized as one of the pioneer R&D Companies with its unique experience and expertise. Our product range is from 25VA to 1600kVA. We are manufacturing Control Transformers, Safety Isolating Transformers, 3phase Transformers, Harmonic Reactors and Line Reactors, MV Air and Iron Core Reactors, Discharge Reactors, Chokes and Transformers for Railway application, sinus filters, passive / active harmonic filters

Also, we are the approved manufacturer of SIEMENS and ALCATEL companies in Turkey. We produce with their labels for more than 15 years.

Elektra provides solutions throughout Turkey and across the world and also is known as a major export company has offices in Germany and China. Elektra has a portfolio more than 50 countries like Germany, Belgium, Serbia, Spain, Czech Republic, Lithuania, Netherlands, Poland, Hungary, Croatia, France, UK, Ireland, Israel, UAE, Egypt, Saudi Arabia, Iran, Lebanon, Jordan, Estonia, Russia, Ukraine, Bahrain, China, South Africa, Kenya, Canada, Mexico, South Korea, Philippines etc.., All our transformers and reactors are with CE and according to EN61558 standard. 

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60+ Countries


Siemens Turkey: Control Transformers and Harmonic Reactors
Schneider Electric Turkey: UPS Isolation Transformers up to 1000kVA
ABB Turkey: Harmonic Reactors
Karel A.S.: Ferrite Core High Freq. Transformers
DMG Mori Seiki: Machine Isolation Transformers multi up to 100kVA
Turkish Telecom: Rectifier Isolation Transformers
SINAI CEMENT Plant EGYPT : Isolation Lighting Transformers 6x160kVA
5x100kVA, 1x50kVA, 8x10kVA, 5x15kVA, 52x400VA
EREGLI Steel Industry : Panel Isolation Transformers multi up to 40kVA
Konya – Ankara Speed Train : Signalisation Transformers up to 120kVA
MAS CEMENT Plant SUDAN : Isolation Lighting Transformers 3x160kVA
2x100kVA, 2x50kVA, 3x15kVA
BP Petrol Platform Azerbaijan : Isolation Transformers multi up to 30kVA
Turkish Railway Organisation : Isolation Transformers multi up to 160kVA
AL-SHAMAL Cement SUDAN : Isolation Lighting Transformers 3x160kVA
5x100kVA, 1x20kVA, 9x15kVA
Turkish Passenger Coach Ind. : Isolation Transformers multi up to 250kVA
TEB Bank Data Center : Isolation Transformer 2x500kVA
Halkbank Data Center : Isolation Transformer 2x1000kVA, 2x200kVA
Medipol Hospital: Isolation Transformers multi up to 60kVA
EHKAM Cement SUDAN: Isolation Lighting Transformers 5x160kVA
2x100kVA, 1x50kVA
ICF Airport Antalya: Isolation Transformers 2x220kVA
Izmir Adnan Menderes Airport : Isolation Transformers 1x100kVA, 1x320kVA
Dubai Airport UAE: Control Transformers multi up to 1000VA
FOCQUET Motor BELGIUM : Isolation Transformers multi up to 630kVA
China South Railway CHINA : Converter Transformers and Chokes 200 sets
FUHAIS Cement JORDAN : Isolation Lighting Transformers 1x160kVA, 1x20kVA
BENI SUEF Cement EGYPT : Isolation Lighting Transformers 1x100kVA, 1x15kVA


OHSAS 18001
UL ( For Reactors )