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Ören Kablo's product range includes low current cables which could be seen under the 854420 and 854449 HS Codes. More specially, our cables could be seen as the list below. Coaxial Cables for Cable TV, internet applications and satellite master antenna TV applications (Priority Product)

CCTV and Secutiry Cables (HS 854420)

Indoor Telephone Cables (HS854449)

Data / LAN Cables (854449)

Fire and Alarm Cables (HS 854449)

Control Cables (HS 854449)


Ören Kablo entered into cable manufacturing sector with the manufacture of coaxial cables in 1979. Making up its principle to determine its strategies by continually following up the demands of the customers and development of its competitors taking place in the coaxial cable market and segment since its establishment, Ören Kablo has always succeeded to make the best use of advance technology in product and service production to provide customer satisfaction and loyalty in rapidly changing business world.

Carrying out its production activities in its modern manufacturing facilities located in Silivri Ortaköy Industrial Zone, Ören Kablo realising manufacturing wide range of products such as cable TV, digital satellite, data cables,interactive TV cables, CAT5, CAT6 LAN cables, signal command cables and fire warning cables; and at the same time, offers to the use of its customers the low fume and flame retarding versions of ""halogen free"" cable, which is also known as ""fire proof cable"" in the sector, for all the products taking place in this range. Having a production capacity of 58 million metres coaxial cable annually, Ören Kablo initiated Physical Foam PE insulated cable production in the beginning of 2004 and currently meets 70% of Turkey's digital broadcasting cable need by itself with the Gas Injection Skin/Foam/Skin triple injected Physical Foamed Polyethylene Extruder manufacturing line investment. Ören Kablo also exports to 40 country now.

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40 Countries


Al Fateh University, Libya

Porto Sharm El Sheikh, Egypt

Lusail City, Qatar

Moskova City, Russia

Kopenhag Cabinn Hotel, Denmark

Al Hussein Cancer Hospital, Iraq

Gardens Hospital Mafraq, Jordan

The Housing Bank / Mafraq Branch, Jordan


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