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• Protart ESE Lightning Arresters
• E.S.E. Lightning Rods
• Protart ESE Lightning Arrester Tester
• E.S.E. Lightning Rod Testers
• Protart Lightning Strike Counter
• Lightning Event Counter
• Franklin Rods/Passive Lightning Arresters
• Franklin Rods


PROTART was founded with a purpose to serve the needs and wants of the clients looking for quality and cost effective solutions in the global market. With its strong R&D, manufacturing experience and solid background, PROTART progressed in the international lightning protection market with speed and agility.

As PROTART, we committed to meeting the needs of all domestic and foreign institutions and organizations in the lightning protection and grounding industry in accordance with international standards. We continue to offer optimum solutions to customer needs with our range of products for the industry and distributorship of leading global brands. We do our best to be a company that always follows the developments in its industry and technology closely, keeps the bar high without compromising team spirit, developes its quality understanding at all times, and makes a commitment to its customers regarding the continuity of its quality.

Protart provides the safest solutions for lightning protection.

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Thailand: Ban Haedsuksa School Lightning Protection Project
Thailand: Ratanawiwekkhlongwan Temple Lightning Protection Project
Ukraine: Centravis Production Ukraine Lightning Protection Project
Ukraine: Epicentr K Lightning Protection Project
Ukraine: Woodland Factory Lightning Protection Project
Rwanda: Restoration Church Project of The Supply, Installation, and Testing of Lightning Protection
Philippines: National Power Corporation Mindanao Lightning Protection and Grounding Supply and Installation Project
Uruguay: Scuola Italiana in Montevideo Lightning Protection Project


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